Collection 1997


Written by Alina PREDA on . Posted in Volume I, Nr. 4


Democracy is today, still, only a utopic concept, denoting something that does not exist: a good, fair society, characterised by interaction, communication, understanding, and equal opportunities for all. No society has the right to call itself democratic, as long as it fosters discrimination, be it on account of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, religious beliefs, or sexual orientation. Mass-media plays an essential role in shaping the beliefs and attitudes of the public, thus being either a great enemy or an important ally to society on its way towards democracy. Representations of homosexuality in the press can he regarded as one of the best examples of discrimination in today's societies all over the world, done at different levels and in various ways, but still present. This is the perfect example of the way in which certain dominant norms and values of the hegemonic culture are used to secure the domination of the majority over a minority that is either ignored or stereotyped. The role of the press in a democratic society is to ensure that no one is neglected or silenced, marginalised or discriminated against, to take all the categories of audiences seriously and treat them with respect and consideration.

KEYWORDS: democracy, mass-media, the press, discrimination, representation, homosexuality.