Collection 2002


Written by Adrian OPRE, Veronica MOIS, Dana OPRE on . Posted in Volume VI, Nr. 4


Using the single case experiment, the current study assesses the therapeutic efficiency of a new procedure (the fading technique) in remitting phobic symptoms/symptomatology. Features of the physiological constellation of phobia, when confronted with threatening stimuli, are first identified. The procedure is based upon the results of personal preliminary investigations that have revealed qualitative differences between the conscious versus unconscious processing of emotionally laden material. The results of our pilot study have shown that: a) the threatening potential of a phobic situation is significantly diminished if the subject is prevented from consciously processing it; b) the fading technique gives us the possibility of remitting phobic symptomatologyfor the case under consideration with the advantage of avoiding anxiety states, artificially induced by classical desensitization techniques.

Keywords: unconscious cognition, subliminal stimulation, simple phobia, therapy