Volume XXII, Nr 4

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Taxonomic and thematic categorizations from preschool years to adulthood: Looking behind the choices Asimina M. Ralli, Kalomira A. Niasti 4237
Investigating the time elapsed since the last food item was consumed as a factor affecting cognitive performance in young adults Elizabeth R. Walters, Azhar Khan 4113
Visual working memory performance based on fixations and saccades in children with and without specific learning disorder: An eye-tracking study Shamim Razaghi Kashani, Mahnaz Akhavan Tafti, Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Moshirian Farahi, Mohammad Javad Asghari Ebrahimabad 5087
Post-event processing in social anxiety: Investigation using Attentional Control Theory Rachel A. Sluis, Mark J. Boschen, David L. Neumann, Karen Murphy 4060