Collection 2002


Written by Viorel MIH, Codruta BOZDOG on . Posted in Volume VI, Nr. 2


The goal of this study is to try to describe texts not as static objects of analysis, but rather objects used in the process of communication. We analyzed structures and explore the strategies, operations and processes that reflect the activities of the text users: the decisions, controls, motivations dispositions, and so forth. Conceptual meaning of text is seen as constructed anew in each situation by activation in the knowledge net and the parameters imposed on that activation by contextual constraints. The conceptual meaning of a word is not fixed but probable; meaning is determined by the set of activated representations in the network in a given situation. The coherence does not seem to be property of text; rather it is a property of the mental representation (interpretation) of a text. The coherence occurs in the mind of the reader and is the establishment of mental representation, which consists of connected set of ideas based on appropriately interpreted discourse.

Keywords: comprehension, text processing, models of reprezentation