Collection 1997


Written by Sorin SPINEANU-DOBROTA on . Posted in Volume I, Nr. 4


The objective study of homosexuality may be achieved by means of an inter-disciplinary analysis, as it makes possible the treatment of a multidimensional field- the "gay" phenomenon. Homosexuality belongs to social-psychology, as well. That is why when studying this "deviant behavior" (organic pathological personality) the sociological perspective is not always available, and there are a few books of sociology dealing with these topics. Trying to find out a sociological approach I have chosen investigation regarding the way in which the different categories of Romani an society perceive homosexuality, and the gay people. The legal status of this sexual group with its political implications determine various attitudes from hosti/ity up to militantism. I have chosen the content analysis of the very actual Romanian press as a method meant to clarify these aspects. Furthermore, I have made a social experiment at naţional level to highlight certain types of attitudes found out through press analysis. The proper empirica! research offers an eloquent image of the attitudes related to homosexuality present in the Romanian society, in spite of its being valid onlyfor the universe of the written press.

KEYWORDS: homophobia; tolerance; support; tender: mirturance; hope.