Collection 1997


Written by Viorel PRELICI on . Posted in Volume I, Nr. 4


The paper is trying The analyse homosexuality as a value which is possibly to be perceived in a positive/negative way in comparison with other 15 values as: prostitution, emigration tendency, alcoholism, suicide, running from home, fying, drogs, playing truant etc. The research is analysing these control values, also possibly to be perceived in a positive/negative way since they were cliscussed in a TV show series, where moral themes were debated by young people. The subjects' options were obtained throngh a questionnaire, which was applied on N=419 subjects. Positive and/or negative values, on a scale with 11 degrees of freedom, were given to the values previously mentioned, including homosexuality. The magnitude for each control value was compared with homosexuality's magnitude. The paper analyses the differences between the categories of subjects questioned: students and teachers. In general, it comes out that homosexuality is perceived in a negative way, as other (negative) values. The questioned sample has a higher cultural level (students and persons with an academic background). It is possible that persons with a lower cultural level to perceive homosexuality even in a more negative way.

KEYWORDS: social perception, homosexuality.